Our Ambassador - SKIN by ecostore

Hi, I’m Danijela Unkovich. As a nutritionist I’m passionate about the impact eating good food can have, and about motivating others to make healthy choices. I’m really fortunate to be able to do this in my work teaching gardening and healthy cooking to youth in South Auckland, as a clinical nutritionist at Feel Fresh Nutrition, and online at my blog Healthy Always.

More About Me

I look closely at how different ingredients can benefit people’s health, and I look at skincare the same way - because what goes on my skin is as important as what I eat. I was really excited when I learned what was in this range and how well the products work. Visiting the magical Marlborough region to see where these ingredients are sourced – seaweed from the mussel farms, and the sauvignon blanc vineyards - gave me deeper insight into the amazing story behind them. 

I invite you to join me and give Skin by ecostore a try.