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Try these workout types for healthy skin

Try these workout types for healthy skin
Article by: Danijela Unkovich     |     Date: April 18 , 2018

With the plethora of exercise options available, what’s key is finding ones that you enjoy and will keep up, as most forms of exercise benefit the skin.

It’s one of the best kept natural beauty secrets – regular exercise is key to healthier skin. When we think exercise and physical benefits, our mind typically wanders to stronger muscles or a leaner body, but, the rewards of exercise go far beyond this, with incredible benefits to the health of our skin too.

With the plethora of exercise options available, what’s key is finding ones that you enjoy and will keep up, as most forms of exercise benefit the skin! Consistency with exercise will really impact our skin, so have fun trying out different types of exercise and then get a routine in place once you’ve found a few types you love.

High intensity (e.g. running, jogging, HIIT training, dancing)

When we partake in physical activity that gets our heart rate up, our circulation increases as the heart begins to pump blood harder, and faster, around the body. This helps ensure enough oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to cells to support the demands of exercise, which also bypasses our skin through dilated blood vessels, deeply nourishing  our skin cells. Additionally, this increased blood flow helps remove and carry away cellular debris form our skin, flushing it of waste products. Like an internal ‘facial’, this gives our skin that gorgeous and unmistakable post-workout glow, that can linger for hours after a good sweat session!


Lower-intensity exercise options also boost skin health. Walking is a low-impact exercise that’s great for our skin , as well as those new to exercising or who prefer gentler forms of exercise. Like running, walking increases blood flow around the body – and while our heart may not be working as hard then during a run, a walk still gets our blood pumping and heart rate up, with our skin cells then reaping the benefit of more oxygenated blood being delivered to cells. Walking outdoors is a fantastic natural mood booster too – just make sure to pop on a hat to protect your skin from sun damage!


Yoga is an exercise that also encourages blood circulation, aiding the delivery of nutrients to skin cells and flushing of waste toxins.  Certain yoga poses are particularly fantastic for skin health, with forward-bending poses promoting blood flow and oxygen delivery to the skin. Another benefit is the calming breath used alongside yoga asanas (poses), which is wonderfully powerful at reducing the stress response in the body. Stress can wreck havoc on our skin, and by taking the time to breath deeply, regularly, this can help calm our mind and stress response, supporting in healthier skin.  

Exercise and sleep

An indirect benefit of exercise is that it can aid in deeper sleep , which can improve skin health. When we work out, we can become more physical tired, leading to a more restful beauty sleep. Our body does repair and maintenance work on cells while we sleep, with skin cells being deeply nourished and replenished - we’re all familiar of that lackluster dull appearance, and bags under our eyes, which can occur when we get a poor nights rest! Regular exercise is a great way to aid quality sleep in the evening, and boost skin health - but avoid exercising too late in  the evening, as higher intensity exercises like running, may stimulate us too close to bedtime.

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