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Fancy chocolate-dipped strawberries

Fancy chocolate-dipped strawberries
Article by: Danijela Unkovich     |     Date: December 05 , 2017

These berries are not only delicious, but they also love your skin with antioxidants and nourishing fats.

Celebrate our lovely summer berries with these delectable mouthfuls! These fancy chocolate-dipped strawberries are the perfect accomplice to dessert over the summer season. Not only are they delicious, but they're also rich in skin-loving nutrients - they're packed with antioxidants, thanks to the dark chocolate and berries, as well as nourishing fats, thanks to the seeds, nuts and coconut toppings. 


1-2 punnets of fresh strawberries
75g-150g of dark 85% chocolate
A selection of toppings of choice, e.g. shredded coconut, sunflower/pumpkin/seasame seeds, chopped peanuts/pistachios 


1. Line a tray/large plate with baking paper. Tip each topping onto its own small plates, or bowls, to make it easy to roll strawberries in. If toppings are in large pieces, like pistachio nuts, throw into the blender and blitz a few times until a chunky meal has formed.

2. Break chocolate into chunks into a bowl. Melt down until smooth. 

3. Dip each strawberry about 3/4 of the way in the dark chocolate, and then hold strawberry above the bowl of melted chocolate to let any excess drip off. Dunk each strawberry into the toppings, until each side is evenly coated. Place onto the baking tray. Once the tray is full, place tray in the fridge for strawberries to harden.

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